A Brane thesis derived from Sefer Jetzira (Kabbalah)

I also have been able to derive a Big Bang thesis from the Kabbalah, which I want to describe here.

Before the Big Bang started, there were probably 2 or 3 branes:
- A deformable String-Brane (Ein Sof)
  (Potential of creation)
- A solid "YANG-Brane (Adam Kadmon)
   (The law of creation) and probably also
- A solid YIN-Brane
- A cosmic String (TAO -the Way of Evolution)

For better a understanding, please see picture on the right side.

Ein Sof, Adam Kadmon:
The Ein Sof-Brane is a "deformable" String Brane, while the other two Branes are "solid" in their nature. The solid Branes are the origin of the dark matter particles.

As the two Branes came closer the "Ein Sof" Brane began to "deform" (Tzimtzum).
The entire "Ein Sof" Brane transformed itself into a single vessel and thereby limited itself.

Through this "self-limitation of God", "Ein Sof" became so strongly condensed that a "primordial magnetic monopole" in the form of the Mexican hat potential emerged, also known under the terms:
   - Keter
   - Cosmic egg
   - Yoni Lingam

Since I assume that this forming process of Ein Sof took place along the YIN-Brane, the seer perceived this process as "pouring devine light into vessels".

Schvirat ha-Kelim:
The "cosmic string" - which represents the Tao of the cosmos created a loop around the primordial Monopole. And so a primodial form of gravitiy came into be, namely devine love.
This devine love attracted the YANG-Brane (Adam Kadmon) so that it collided with the YIN-Brane with its monopole. Due to the collision both Branes burst (Schvirat ha-Kelim)

The "cosmic egg" shattered, and the divine light (Ein Sof) got spilled and created the "inflationary phase of space" which was filled at the same time with the fragments of the "Adam Kadmon" Brane which from now on is known under the term "dark matter".

A "drop" of the spilled divine light (Ein Sof), however, remained sticked to the broken pieces and "falled into the depths".  These fallen drops of the divine light became "vital forces" for the Qlipot (shell) that emerged from the shards of the vessels. -> Qlipot (shell) = the supposed "dark matter" particle in the atom.

The "drop" of the divine light which remained stuck to the shards looks this in the mythology of the Daoism like this: (Link). It is the Pakua.

Fall into the depths:
The "falling into the depths" describes in my opinion, the various stages of dilution (levels of consciousness) which the supposed monopole has gone through after the Big Bang.
The "life forces" presumably describe the emergence of the three natural forces that create the world of atoms. Accordingly, the supposed monopole would also be responsible for the emergence of these forces. (~ GUT monopole?)

In the Kabbalah, I could not find anything that indicated the existence of strings in the "Ein Sof" Brane, but in my opinion, the "Ein Sof" Brane also had "normal stings", which created the geometry of spacetime and thus gravity.

Gravitation and the "life forces":
The supposed monopole, in my opinion, has undergone a tremendously twist by the shattering of the vessels, causing it to deform and thereby thinning out, at the same time turning itself into the "strings" of space-time.
With these strings, the monopole created gravitation on one side and on the other side the GUT-force, which is the energy for nuclear physics and quantum physics.
That´s the way how I interprete the scentence:
>>> These sunken drops of divine light became "life forces"

Sefer Jetzira - the law of "forming":
The most important thing for me, however, is that the Kabbalah mentions directly the word which describes the property of the supposed monopole.

The word: Sefer Jetzira means (also) "Book of Formation" and would directly describe the desired ability of the supposed monopole ("drop of divine light") and its original Brane Ein Sof  (the "divine light " itself), namely the ability to "form".

Hubert R, December 2017

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