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I want to explain here in a few words, how I came to the conclusion that creation myths must contain information of scientific value.

Kundalini Shakti, a magnetic monopole?
According to my interpretation of various myths (Kabbalah, Daoism, Hinduism, Shamanism), "aformless spirit substance" (~cosmic consciousness) is a force of nature from which all the other natural forces (gravitation, nuclear force, electromagnetism) emerged during the Big Bang, by undergoing a phase change (WuXing). This “sprit of nature - WuJi should be present in every atom (spiritin matter - TaiJi).

I hypothesize that this spirit in matter is non-polar, time- and dimensionless and cannot be directly perceived by the intellect or measured by scientifically devices. I consider baryonic matter,intellectual consciousness and dark energy as different states of development of the "formless Spirit".

Through the metabolism of live forms, this spirit in matter of a life-form (TaiJi) transcen…

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory which belongs to this hypothesis can be downloaded here (Link)

I have already introduced in my blog a few theses about the Big Bang. But finally, I would like to present here the „official Big Bang Theory“ (in the sense of a: „best of“). In the document mentioned above, I try to describe the processes before and after the Big Bang, according to my own interpretation of creation myths from: Daoism, Kabbala, Hinduism, Sufism, Christianity, Aztec etc.

A picture of the hyp. initial state before the Big Bang can be seen below.

kind regards,
Hubert R, January 2019

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Neutrinos - Origin of an astral chi ?

In this cosmological Theory of Evolution here (Link) I introduced the idea, that a hyp. astral chi coming from the stars is influencing the evolution of human biology, psychology and sociology.

There is no conflict with neutrino science of Astrophysics:
The idea which I want to introduce here, that Neutrinos could be the source of an astral chi does not stand in conflict with Astrophysics.

And I think that´s the best place to start with. I derived this hypothesis based on the symbolism of the Pakua of the Later Heaven. When I look at the Pakua, than I see that there are four duplets.

I hypothesize that these four duplets represent four different types of neutrinos, whereas three of them are already known to astrophysics. In the picture on the left I tried to assign the neutrinos of astrophysics with the duplets of the Pakua.

When I look at a duplet (namely one neutrino), than I see that it contains two different types of lines. A YANG-Line and a YIN-Line. As it can be clearly seen, the…

Why should there exist a fourth neutrino

The picture shows the duplets of the Later Heaven, whereas I believe they represent laws of the neutrino.

As it can be seen, there are four duplets in the Pakua. Science knows so far three Neutrinos. When I assign them to the duplets it can be seen directly that one duplet is still unassigned. That´s why I think a fourth neutrino should exist.

Supposed characteristics of the missing neutrino:

The missing neutrino should only interact with gravity:Since one of the duplets only consists of YIN-Lines, and YIN-Lines are supposed to be the carrier of an unmeasurable planetary Chi, which is created through the self-gravity of the planet, I hypothesize that the missing neutrino only interacts with gravity.The missing neutrino should be the lightest neutrino. (ideally mass 0):When I decode the binary number, than I get the number 0 for the supposed Neutrino.
I suppose that this number represents a mass-factor of the missing Neutrino. kind regards,
Hubert R, November 2018

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Are the fundamental laws of biology for bacteria and for plants the same ?

The search for traces of life on other planets, puts the image in my mind, that bacteria (prokaryotes) work according to the same biological laws as eukaryotes (plants, insects, fungi, mammals etc.).

This gives me the impression, that the existence of bacteria on other planets (if present) would automatically mean that eukaryotes should also procreate and grow there as well. (in a greenhouse, of course)

If the "biological laws of eukaryotes" always apply in parallel to the "biological laws of prokaryotes" should also be checked in advance.

From my point of view "plants, animals, insects, fungi" can not reproduce on a corresponding planet, even if there are or were bacteria (prokaryotes).

In any case, growing and procreation of eykaroytes rely on the hyp. "biological chi" which only should exist within the near-earth area.

If prokaryotes (bacteria) also need this hyp. "biological chi" of planet Earth - I don´t know so far ...

The reason …

Origin of life, a hypothesis about Kundalini and Devi-Shakti

Through the consideration of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, I derive the following hypothesis regarding "origin of life". In my opinion in order to speak about 'life', the following principles must be present.

Five principles, so that life can emerge:
1st Principle: Moola (Malkut)
a) Organic material must be present .--> Brahmasthan - seat of creation
b) The organic material must form itself according to the laws of genetics. -> Brahma Shakti (LAM)

2nd Principle: Svadhisthana (Yesod)
The ability of reproduction and growth must be present -> Shiva Shakti (VAM).

3rd Principle: Manipura (Tiferet)

A metabolism, the ability of cell division and digestion must be present -> Vishnu Shakti (RAM)

4th Principle: Kundalini-Shakti (Ein Sof) - "intuitive behavior"
Consciousness (Kundalini) must be present in a more sophisticated form, so that it provides "intuitive behavior" and adaptability.

Kundalini-Shakti is usually understood as consciousness. But at …

The origin of life and consciousness - the fundamental deficiency in the world-view of modern science

While working on this hypothesis during the last 2 years, I came to the conclusion that the world-view of modern science has a fundamental deficiency which could lead to an unexpected growing-limit of the modern civilization.

Quotation from the book "The Overview-Effect" p.144 - third edition:
There is no evidence that the process which govern the evolution from elementary particles to galaxies to stars to heavy elements to planets to life to intelligence differ significantly elsewhere in the Universe.

I find this quotation very interesting, because it combines physics with biology and psychology in one sentence and treats them as "serious science" of the same kind.

I only partially agree with this.
Whereas it has been proven thousands and thousands of times that the laws of quantum-mechanics and general relativity work throughout the whole universe, there is no evidence so far that higher developed life-forms (eukaryotes: plants, insects, funghi, mammals) ever emer…

Kalachakra (Kala-Purusha) - the Wheel of Time

I see the concept of the Kalachakra or Kala-Purusha as a representative of the sleeping Lord Vishnu which rests on the milky-ocean (our milky way).

The spirit-substance "Purushottama" in the Halo of the Milky-Way form the dream-world of our galaxy, the Wheel of Time - Kalachakra (or Kala-Purusha)

When the souther lunar node inhales Prana, a soul from the sid. zodiac gets pulled it into its light tunnel and brought to its incarnation on Earth, whereas the northern lunar node exhales Prana and places the souls of deceased back to the siderial zodiac.

When the souther lunar nodes inhales Prana, it also inhales a bit of the Prana of Vishnu´s dream. So every soul at every age is automatically a part of Vishnus dream.

I suppose that Vishnu´s dream determine the way how we do mental philosophy or main-stream thinking. So I don´t see the Wheel of Time necessarily as the good part of evolution, because in my understanding the dream world of Vishnu is also part of the Maya - the world…

Purushas: Vastu-Purusha, Kala-Purusha and Purushottama

During elaborating this hypothesis I was often confronted with the word Purusha, which confused me at the beginning, because it can have quite a lot of different meanings, like: "cosmic human", "primordial matter", "primordial soul", "cosmic spirit", "world spirit" or "supreme being".

It was at the beginning very difficult for me understand the concept of the Purusha until I found the following text in Bhagavadgita, verse 15,16 - 15,18 - (Translated from german into english)
Two Purushas are in the world: One became the Things. The other always unshakably stays on a rock. But greater is another, he is called the highest self, Who carries the whole three-world, as a Lord he manages and rules. More than the changeable spirit is he. Therefore in word and writing he is praised as the highest.
This verse made things clearer to me, so I could derive the following three different types of Purushas out of it.

Three types of Purushas:

Cellcycle - Tandava, the cosmic dance of Shiva

Tandava is the cosmic dance of Shiva. It symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and dissolution, as well as the daily rhythm of birth and death.
In the symbolism of Tandava, I see strong parallels to the different phases of the cell cycle. (Link)
Creation, preservation, destruction, illusion, dissolution represent the various phases of the cell cycle The four arms of Shiva -> represent the four nucleobases of genetics The circle of flames -> represent the code sun of genetics
The stamping feets --> represent Start-, Stop Codons
The serpents around Shivas head --> represent genetic Strings
The demon Apasamara
-> represent faulty processes
Shiva, "the lord of dance" is the lord of creation, preservation and dissolution. He is also the tamer of the demonic force Apsamara (who disturbs the divine order) while at the same time giving his blessing with his hand. The dance is a representation of the manifestation of eternal energy (Kundalini), which I suppose should come …

Humans - a micro-cosmic image of a macro-cosmic Purusha ?

In mythology of european middle ages, humans were often seen as a micro-cosmic image of a macro-cosmic man.

The picture on the rigth side shows the cosmic human according to Kabbalah called Adam Kadmon or tree of life.I consider Adam Kadmon as an image of the sleeping Lord Vishnu resting on the oceanof milk, the milkyway (Link).

Hyp. correlation between the macro-cosmos and the micro-cosmos within humans:
I build the following correlation between the principle of a macro-cosmic Purusha and humans.

A) Kadam Kadmon, a representative of macro-cosmic creation principles
The head Keter represents in my opinion the galactical center, which I consider as the Ajna center of the sleeping Lord Vishnu and the origin of his cosmic dreams. When a soul is brought to incarnation through the Prana-stream within the lunarnodes, they inhale also a bit of the Prana coming from Vishnus dream. And so the incarnated souls are influenced by the dream of lord Vishnu and start to follow the TAO of the

The world-serpent "Kala" and the movement of dwarf-galaxies

The movements of dwarf-galaxies in this video (Link) show unusual similarities to the world-serpent"Kala" (Time) on which a sleeping Purusha is resting.

My assumption is, that in a galactic nucleous (Ajna center of Vishnu) the supposed monopole transcends the spirit-substance directly into the surrounding space and fills the halo of the galaxy (Aura) with cosmic consciousness. Those dark matter particles which are inside the Halo start to form Nadis - world serpents. When the spirit-substance starts to flow along these Nadis, dwarf-galaxies can be pulled into that Prana flow and suddenly start to do unexplainable movements.These dwarf galaxies can be associated with the heads of world-serpents.

In this context, our galaxy would be a Purusha which dreams the dream of the sleeping Vishnu lying on the world serpent Kala. ==> Kala + Purusha = Kalapurusha = The wheel of time

The observed behaviour of galaxies here (Link) could be typical for spiral-galaxies (world-discs). Ever…

Hypothesis about: Sublunary sphere in cosmology of the european middle ages

I have already elaborated a hypothesis about the supposed Chi-sphere which is supposed to be in the Moon-Earth area here (Link) and here (Link).
But I also found a similary idea in the cosmology of the european middle ages with their concept of a sublunary sphere.

The sublunary sphere:
According to some popular world-views in the middle-ages, there should be a sublunary sphere within the Earth-Moon area. Only within this area, life should be possible, because it was assumed that the elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire are only present there and needed for the creation of life.

In my opinion, the different spheres within the sublunary world could represent different dilution-stages of the supposed biological Chi. Similar to different vegetation zones on Earth, the sublunary sphere could contain different Chi-zones in which procreation of certain life-forms is still possible.

The elementary "Fire" (which was assigned to the sphere closest to the moon by some philosophers) coul…